A Workshop on digital Assets Creation & Trading using Blockchain

The Math, Science & Art of digital Assets creation from Cyber-Physical assets.

About the Workshop

This Two-days workshop training will focus on preparing attendees as a Business/Technology Strategists, Solution Architects, SMEs for the “Blockchain” projects in general and digital liquid assets trading in specific. While Blockchain & IOT market is pegged at $20T and above by 2023 spendings are mooted across the industry as the Blockchain bandwagon is something seen as not to be missed opportunity. While it is true that Blockchain is inevitable, only a few clients currently understand the complexity associated with Blockchain as the Internet of Assets Values. This workshop play a major role in making them understand the need for a holistic approach, not just bitcoin or ethereum world, but a much more comprehensive solution for the Enterprises and beyond. The workshop will bring in a complete strategic approach that will help in Lifecycle management of both physical and logical digital assets under Blockchain thereby helping in successful MONETIZATION of Enterprise IOT & Blockchain initiatives. Recommend strategies for developing the necessary skills and foundational capabilities to support the implementation of Blockchain driven digital transformation within an organization.

In the current business ecosystem, most customers don’t pay just for the Naked-Data from “Things” but for the “Value”, “Intelligence” and “Service” they provide. The students will learn to Monetize their organization’s C􀁚ber-Physical Assets & Organizational data by connecting them in a distributed trust-less network and by producing useful services & products by encapsulating the secured data with the immutable Code(Artificial intelligence) for various future state business scenarios.

The workshop will be focused on “Philosophy – Theory – Practicality” all in one. We will introduce the philosophical ideologies of Cyber-Physical asset monetization; explain the theoretical principles & practices to attain them and then finally the Practical Implementation through the Case-Study/Capstone Project.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to go beyond just Data & Connectivity to truly Monetize the Assets to generate Value.
  • One can learn how to convert a Non-Performing-Asset into a tradable digital Asset through Blockchain & IOT.
  • How to Achieve True digital Transformation in the organization by “Enterprise digital Twin” creation as a parallel autonomous organization to deal with the real-time assets Monetization.
  • How to transform your organization’s traditional Supply chain & Contracts Management into a Blockchain, AI &
  • Smart Contracts driven business model for Monetization.

This Program Right for you if,

  • You are a Technical Architect from Engineering OT or IT and responsible for designing new generation systems exploiting Blockchain, AI and IOT.
  • You belong to the Technology leadership and want to plan for the digital transformation as a strategy of your organization through Blockchain, AI & IoT initiatives and so looking for acquiring the skills necessary for the right implementation.
  • You are a member of budget/capability group who realizes IoT as a business opportunity and wants IOT Assets to generate Income rather than sitting as Liabilities.
  • You belong to a business process group and want to ensure your business stays connected with the realistic Engineering IOT and Robotics Process Automation initiatives.
  • You are responsible for identifying Hot spots for new services & solutions to the customer, but you are stuck with the complexity of your current state IT and Engineering architecture.
  • You belong to the Engineering and responsible for ROI on the IOT budget to the management.
  • You are a business architect and is responsible for successful digital transformation through IOT.




( Time 7:30 am to 8:30 am )

• Blockchain 101

• Internet of Things 101


( Time: 8:30 am to 10:30 am )

• Why is Monetization difficult?

• Digital Disruption: Learn to leverage and Monetize disruption from Blockchain & IOT.

• Outcome economy is finally back; timesheets are not going to give you the desired revenue growth anymore.

• Harmonize To Capitalize on IoT & Blockchain.

• Introduction to Value-Oriented Architecture: Encapsulating Process, State, Code and Data for generating “Value”.

• Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture: Measuring & Monitoring is the KEY for Prescription of Service.

( Time: 10:45 am to 12:45 pm )

• AI & Machine Learning 101

• Blockchain 102.

• Transformation through Enterprise digital Twin.

• IOT Ecosystem framework Architecture & Design.

• Blockchain Ecosystem framework Architecture & Design.

• Correlation between “Enterprise of Things” and “Internet of things”.

• Getting the Assets life-cycle done right.

SESSION 3 : MATH & SCIENCE OF MONETIZATION ( Time: 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm )

• Creating Effective Algorithms & Machine Learning Code for smart contracts.

• Effective Bundling & Scaling of Services using Integral Calculus

• Discrete components design through differential & Integral Calculus.

• Designing & Building a “digital Twin” using State-Machine and Robotic Process Automation Models.

• Value Oriented Architecture: Design & Development of “Value”.

• Service Oriented Architecture: Design & Development of “Services”.

• Creation of Crypto Assets/Currencies and their lifecycle.

SESSION 4: ENGINEERING OF MONETIZATION ( Time: 3:45 pm to 5:45 pm )

• Connect to Monetize — Device & Edge Management.

• Management and Governance of Physical & logical Assets.

• Winning though Cloud & distributed computing Architecture.

• Service Oriented Architecture – A deep Dive.

• Value Oriented Architectures – A Deep Dive

• Value Oriented Machine Learning & AI – A Deep Dive.

• IOT / Blockchain Security & Monetization. • digiBlitz Monetization Engineering Methodology of Monetization.


SESSION 5 : GETTING READY ( Time: 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM )

• Recap & FAQ

• Sample Industry Business Cases.

• Q/A and Discussion forum.

SESSION 6 : PROJECT USECASE. ( Time : 10:45 – 12:45 PM )

• Use Case Definition.

• Identifying & Defining “Values” and “Services”

SESSION 6 & 7 : Getting into Action – A STEP BY STEP Practical Work.( Time: 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm and 3:45 pm to 5:45 pm )