Workforce and Staffing

digiBlitz delivers top notch Business Landscape Transformation products to enhance the operations in Workforce and Staffing Businesses. It provides tailor-made solutions in the form of tools and IT components which would play a vital role in the betterment of day-to-day functionalities and business continuity.
digiBlitz’s futuristic products do not restrict themselves to the current business trends and bottlenecks; and also expands its comfort to the upcoming tides and scenarios.
digiBlitz – The key engine that runs the façade products of digiBlitz is too powerful to restructure your organization’s Functional Architecture and Business Processes to provide you with the best improvements in terms of Operational Enhancements, Customer Satisfaction and Prompt Service. On the other hand, digiBlitz lets you breathe easy as it reduces your cost and implementation time. Most importantly, implementation of digiBlitz products and platforms are executed and delivered without much hassle and change in the existing screen (User Interface). This makes sure that you don’t need to wait for your users to learn or adapt to a new screen. You could swiftly start using the product and experience the results.

Domains Catered to Workforce & Staffing Businesses

  • Global Immigration Law Compliance Management
  • HR and Hiring Process Management
  • Candidate, Vendor and Client Management
  • Human Asset Management
  • Contract Rules and Laws Compliance
  • Systematic Marketing and Business Development
  • Help Desk & Support Management
  • Campaign Automation & Management
  • Executive Business Intelligence Reports
  • menschForce – Contingent Workforce Management System
Consulting Services:
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Business Process Consulting
  • Business Transformation Consulting
  • Service Oriented Architecture Consulting
  • IT/Technology Consulting

Managed Service

Business Landscape:
  • Business-Technology Landscape Architecture Development
  • Business-Technology Landscape Transformation Planning and Implementation
  • Business-Technology Landscape Management
Applications Management:
  • BPM Applications Development and Management
  • SOA Applications Development and Management
  • Cloud Technology Management
  • Business-Technology Transformation
  • BPM
  • SOA