Universities – Get on board your digiBlitz IOT flight

Universities – All checks done for the IOT flights – Boarding now    

With its super potential the IOT (The Internet of Things) is stemming into a new dimension of autonomous processes for the universities and higher education institutions.

Why IOT? Why digiBlitz?

Riding the fourth wave of computing, IOT (internet of things) is coming to shore with concept & strategies on one hand and new toolboxes on the other. DigiBlitz has a state-of-art IOT platform to welcome the upcoming IOT concepts, strategies, and methodologies.⇒

IOT is well set for bringing in radical changes; the promises given by it are not only lucrative, but also highly implementable.  DigiBlitz has been into digital transformation consulting since years and consequently with its experience and its IOT platform it can give justice to the huge promises of the IOT wave.

The pivotal point of its revolution will be the active communication between all entities of an enterprise, tangible as well as intangible. DigiBlitz’s agile ERP’s adopted active communication model since its inception which was also conducive to making of its IOT platform. Knowing the industry wave beforehand as always, the clients of digiBlitz are not facing any radical changes.

The primary objective of IOT is simple and straightforward – personify the existing processes and change their placid nature to become more proactive, communicative, and self-governing. We at digiBlitz already have this objective in place for our software solutions.

DigiBlitz IOT promise – For Universities

Smart Tuition
⇒ Track Attendance automatically
⇒ Monitor Student Progress robotically
⇒ Share Lecture Contents dynamically
⇒ Immortal presence lecture contents
⇒ Schedule Room allocations (labs, meeting rooms, auditoriums, etc) automatically
⇒ Monitoring of Asset allocations (computers, equipment, etc) automatically

Smart Wallet
⇒ Identified access to university Resources
⇒ E-Money to use Resources (printers, canteen bills, etc)
⇒ Peer-2-peer information sharing
⇒ Monitor parking usage automatically
⇒ Monitor student health and safety

Smart Digital Services
⇒ Automatic Library Inventory Management
⇒ Automatic Library Time-Resource allocation
⇒ Optimum Book keeping applications
⇒ Autonomous alert-response communication
⇒ E-wallet money transaction with admin cells
⇒ E-wallet money transaction with canteen bills
⇒ Digital Communication with canteen staff

Smart Digital Assets:
⇒ Predictive maintenance – Use inferred data to create Maintenance schedules & Pre-emptive servicing of equipment.
⇒ Maximize the utility of resources– Maintain Operational Expenditures with Switch on and off methods, increase equipment lifetime.
⇒ Smart Metering – Measures & consume energy, water or natural gas at the campus aptly.
⇒ Health and Safety – Increase plant safety and fewer accidents with hazard sensing alarms.
⇒ Asset Tracking & Monitoring – Maintain inventory, prevent quality issues & detect theft.
⇒ Fleet Management – Optimum Vehicle management, reduce transportation cost

 Need a demo – let’s take your higher institute into an auto zone of:
⇒  IOT enabled model
⇒  Smart and proactive processes
⇒  Intelligent services
⇒  Operational efficiency
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This application demonstrates an intelligent Agile ERP solution for universities which in addition to having the entire set of critical modules for e.g. HR, Account, sales, etc., also has a super efficient IOT platform. Demonstrating with the IOT platform is notably ideal to reveal the true usefulness of IOT as IOT enabled university will have to undergo installation of a large number of sensors which consequently will produce and register tonnes of data into the system. This data will further be fed into the digestive tracks of the inbuilt inference engines for getting the desired outcomes.Area of our Actuators for universities RFIDS for students:
⇒ Smart Bags
⇒ Identity Cards
⇒ Car TagsSensors for Students in:
⇒ Classes
⇒ Library
⇒ Labs
⇒ Parking Areas
⇒ Classrooms
⇒ Halls, Auditoriums
⇒ CanteensSensors for Infrastructure and Facility Managements:
⇒ Fleet
⇒ AC Plants
⇒ Electrical Grids
⇒ MetersSurveillance Cameras for Property:
⇒ Classroom activity record keeping
⇒ Theft control
⇒ Mishap control
⇒ General Routine record of activities
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By: Satish Sogi
Head – Strategic Sales

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