TEKIVY INC is Now Part of digiBlitz Enterprise Solutions!

TekIvy is now part of digiBlitz Enterprise Solutions, a division of digiBlitz Inc which provides IT consulting services to customers worldwide. TekIvy is undergoing merger through asset purchase in phases and will complete the total merger by end of 2017. Till then both companies will continue to operate as separate entities for operational purposes but as far as facing the market and handlung clients, the business will be done under digiBlitz Enterprise Solutions as the entity in successtion. For further details, please contact legal@digiblitz.com.

digiBlitz is a Business – Technology Transformation consulting, products & solutions provider operating and serving in North America, Europe &Asia pacific. The company was established in the year 2001 and is growing strong through 2016. It serves customers pertaining to key industry verticals namely Healthcare, Finance/ Banking, Pharmaceuticals/ Life Science, Government, Leisure, Manufacturing and Non-Profit Associations. digiBlitz has state-of-the-art solution hubs at USA, Switzerland and India so as to strategically leverage talent &skills to its global customers.
Its market horizontals are Business Transformation Management, Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration. The key to providing business transformation solutions are its specialized practices in Enterprise Architecture Planning, Business Process Management, Process Re-Engineering, Service Oriented Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration. By drawing upon our experience and expertise in both IT and Business Management we craft solutions to suit our client’s Enterprise transformation/Integration needs.


Enterprise Integration & transformation challenges encompasses very structure of the organization itself. They need to be approached with a holistic understanding of Architecture, Processes, entities and services. digiBlitz Architecture planning, Business Process Management and Service Oriented Architecture solutions addresses the business transformation & integration problems of the customers.


In the current global business climate, a company’s growth depends on How fast it introduces new products, How quickly it enters into emerging markets, How efficiently(and quickly) it completes mergers & acquisitions and How well it can Integrate with its new strategic partners.

digiBlitz’s mission is to help its Clients maintain Agility, Balance and Faster Growth during their business transformation while they Enter new market, Launch new product/service, Go through acquisition & merger andRestructure their organization. digiBlitz will achieve this through providing innovative products, methodologies & solutions.


Stake-Holder Value:“We analyze our customer needs by reaching bottom of their problems to diagnose and then prescribe the best possible solution. We are committed to empower our customers with competitive edge in today’s dynamic global market place. We surround ourselves with experience, skills, standards, processes, best-practices that are necessary to provide best possible timely service to our customers. We are a strong practitioner of organizational empowerment and seek good ideas from all levels. We put people before machines and processes; this makes our employees bring their best to the table with complete proactive participation.”

Social Value: “We believe that a corporation is a social entity and is directly responsible for creating & protecting value for the society around it. We actively participate in the positive development of society through our active Social Responsibility Program.”

– President, Suresh Kannan