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Robotic Business Process Automation is Here

Robotic Business Process Automation is Here, – Samantha BureauJohnson, BPM Institute

Robotic Business Process Automation is Here Contributed by: Samantha BureauJohnson , VP, PMO and BPE , BCBSNC Robotic Business Process Automation is all the rage right now. It is the new cost reduction initiative that many executives are eager to implement. There are numerous conferences focused on Robotic Process AutomationRead More

Is Internet of Things Intimidating – Let’s find out -> Satish Sogi

For anyone to understand Internet of Things in the right perspective, the first move is to accept that it is already present in all corners of our lives (in phones, tabloids, televisions, fridges, bulbs, appliances, etc.). Once we accept this, then the second stride ensures that there is no alternativeRead More

We Had Groceries Delivered By a Robot, and It Was Like Living in the Future – Andy Boxall

Click here to view original web page at www.digitaltrends.com All the hype surrounding autonomous vehicles could lead you to believe the technology’s widespread use is right around the corner, but we’re still years away from self-driving personal vehicles being a common sight. Autonomous service vehicles, on the other hand, mayRead More