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The Algorithmic Colonization of Africa- Abeba Birhane

Author : Abeba Birhane is a PhD candidate in Cognitive Science at University College Dublin. Her interdisciplinary research, which intersects between embodied cognition, digital technology studies, and critical data science, explores the dynamic and reciprocal relationships between individuals, society and digital technologies. The second annual CyFyAfrica 2019 — the Conference on Technology, Innovation,Read More

Artificial Intelligence Is Unshackling DHL's Supply Chain Potential

Artificial Intelligence Is Unshackling DHL’s Supply Chain Potential

DHL Supply Chain’s CIO explains how AI and IoT are changing the game for his company, its partners, and its competitors. When you think of cutting-edge technology, logistics likely doesn’t immediately spring to mind. But sweeping changes are coming to the supply chain, says Paul Richardson, chief innovation officer […]Read More