Specialized Services

Business-Technology Landscape Transformation – Consulting

digiBlitz Business-Technology Landscape Transformation solutions will help business & IT transformation of client organization. We bail-out the organizations from traditional functional driven approach to process driven so that the organization becomes agile. We create complete top-down functional breakdown analysis all the way from the core value-chain of client organization and carve out various meta and implementation process models from the components. We create packaged End-End solution that will put the enterprise components/artifacts in standard Enterprise Life-cycle Management and turn complex business requirements into a highly qualified implementable processes and services. These processes & services will be modeled dynamically with the help of our powerful transformation engine components thereby helping the organizations in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, carving-out, internal reorganizations, and projects to harmonize existing business processes.

Business landscape Transformation – Training

We conduct workshops on Business-Technology Landscape transformation in various cities in USA, Canada & Europe. The workshops cover vast areas of business transformation like Enterprise Architecture Planning, Business Process Management, Service Oriented Architecture, Governance, LifeCycle Management, Asset Management, etc. While most conferences address very high level concepts without addressing the practical implementations, our workshop’s purpose is to get all the three pieces of Philosophy, Theory, and Practicality of business technology transformation.

Certified digiBlitz Business Architect

Certified digiBlitz Business Architect program is designed to help candidates to become successful Business Architects and Enterprise Architects. Business Architects play a major role in the business – IT alignment and business transformation projects. Read More>>

Certified digiBlitz Business & Digital Transformation Analyst

Certified digiBlitz Business & digital Transformation Analyst program is designed to help students to become successful Business Analyst professionals. The major differential factor from traditional BA training is that this includes Business Process Analysis. Current generation BAs are expected to approach business analysis not based on functional analysis but process analysis.   Read More>>

Certified digiBlitz System Architect

Certified digiBlitz System Architects are a new breed of Architects who can Design, Architect and implement Enterprise Architecture blue print, Business transformation models, Process Automation models and Architecture etc. Read More>>

Certified digiBlitz System Developer

Certified digiBlitz System Developer program is designed to help Software Developers, Analysts and Application Architects who would like to find a higher position in the business transformation and process management projects/programs. Business process management increases agility of the organization so that it can respond quickly for both internal and external business transformation.  Read More>>