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Suresh Kannan, Founder & Chief Architect, digiBlitz


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The Goal :

While there are many governmental, private-public and non-profit initiatives in agricultural development in Africa, still there are many challenges that hurdle the development, especially in moving the agriculture towards the market-based trading system. The agro-inputs play a major role in the desired output which in turn contributes to the bridging of the rural and urban economic divide. The goals of digiBlitz platform are: 

  • To establish an effective, de-centralized, trust-less platform for market-oriented agriculture aimed to Increase the smallholder producer’s volume and value of agribusiness outputs. 
  • To Increase food and nutrition security of the rural population by increasing the earning through better trade value.

The Problem:

The current state of African Agro input and out processes suffer from inefficiencies and ineffectiveness forced by the slow response from the government, fraud, lack of cooperations between smallholders & large farmers, trust issue between the agents and the big banks, technology integration issues between various stakeholder systems as everything is “Centrally Managed”.

Safety & Sovereignty Problem

While farmers are unaware of the authenticity of the Agri inputs (seeds and fertilizers) they are buying, retailers tend to make great profit margins leaving big agri-input players at loss.

Security & Fraud Problem

 Fake farmers & unintended beneficiaries of subsidy programs, Seed Protection, scam in availability & tradability

Technology Adoption Problem
         Poor Internet Connectivity, Failure of Local Banks in Integration with Government Systems and Big Banks, Lack of Sufficient Electronic Devices, Fragmented & Incomplete Farmer Information

The Root Causes of the Problems :

The Solution :

The future State of Agri Input / Output with digiBlitz will remove all these problems by replacing the current state of “Centralization” with the decentralized, distributed consortium model blockchain system. digiBlitz Platform is built on the State of the Art Blockchain called Karma Capsule Network. digiBlitz platform shall provide the ability to connect to spatial edge sources( devices & machines), create karmaCapsule in a neural tree structure. Each node in the network is called a “Capsule” that encapsulating the secured data with immutable Code( Artificial Intelligence) that can act in many Time-Space variances. It shall source the intelligence from the past, enforced upon the present and projected to the future thereby acting as a spatial-temporal state machine.

The consortium blockchain is governed by Consensus algorithms with the one or more of the following proof mechanisms, Proof of Delivery, Proof of Provenance, Proof of Verification, Proof of Authentication, Proof of Credit, Proof of Authority, etc., The consensus mechanism shall be as simple as configurable rules of qualification matrix or as complex as cryptographic algorithms. It depends on the need of the consortium and its players. Usually, the consensus algorithms are aligned 100% with the By-Laws / Constitutions of the legal consortium formed by the participating organizations.

The Outcome : 

The future of Africa’s agriculture and its leading role in smart agriculture and Industrial Revolution 4.0 depends on how it can adapt to the market economy and open for new business models driven by innovations. digiBlitz karma Capsule Network is a unique proposition for the Smart Agriculture initiatives around the world. The ability to convert the commodities into tradable digital assets and transforming the traditional centralized inefficient processes and transactions into a high performing decentralized, through distributed blockchain, the karma Capsule Network.

Contact us for further details; We will be happy to run a POC around your use cases for free.

– Suresh Kannan

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