Robotic Process Automation

There was a time when companies jumped on the bandwagon of Business Process Management – BPM. But as usual, the gurus and pundits in the business and IT world wrongly interpreted and manipulated BPM as a technology and brought it under Information Technology. The business failed to take over the responsibility of BPM as the strategic component of the organization and simply let the IT groups orchestrate the BPM from Concept to Design to the implementation. The very nature of BPM was violated and the purpose of BPM was defeated. BPM Full LifeCycle was not followed in project implementation and finally that lead to many failures. Another reason for such failure is the inability of the customer team to get involved and contribute to the full life cycle of the BPM implementation.

Because of this, the industry had decided to take back the complexity of BPM processes design, modeling, and implementation to the solutions providers and provide the final benefit to the customer. That was the birth of Robotic Process Automation which is considered as the derivative of Business Process Management. digiBlitz IOT Platform’s major component is the RPA elements driven by its own BPM engine and modeling components. Through digiBlitz RPA, the customers will be able to Automate their

  • Business Processes like HR, FNA, WAREHOUSE, MARKETING etc.
  • Functional components
  • Applications to application communication
  • Machine to Machine communication
  • Machine to IT systems communication
  • Machine to People communication etc.

with digiBlitz RPA one should be able to model, orchestrate any micro process to a macro process. Internet of things can only be successful as long as the communication and data analytics are done at both micro as well as macro level across the full lifecycle of the organization. And such a massive orchestration of the flow of data and command is made only possible with a powerful digiBlitz BPM engine. Would like to see a demo of the digiBlitz IOT platform for RPA? Click on the button.

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