Process Automation

dB-BPM (Business Process Modelling) and dB-SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) are the middle and lower layers of Enterprise Architecture Planning.These two tools along IBM-Process Modeller, IBM Web sphere ESB, Oracle BPM Suite, Oracle SOA Suite, HP SOA Suite, and HP Systinet are integrated with digiBlitz (Enterprise Landscape Management and Transformation).

In our EAP (Enterprise Architecture Planning) practice the methodologies are more important than the tools; hence we focus on bringing the best methodologies and strategies tailor-made for your organization and its architecture. After all, EAP is all about the blue print of your organization within your SLA, parameters, and controls.

Business Architecture Solutions

dB-BAP (Business Architecture Planning) is the part of dB-EAP that extensively focuses on the Architecture Lifecycle, Development, and Methodologies of the business side of the organization.
We provide Strategic and Operational Business – Technology Landscape Architecture solutions through dB-BTLA. digiBlitz (Business Transformation Platform)enhances the capabilities of EAP and BAP. This Platform helps your organization better align BTL with your BPM, services, and technology components. Our business solutions experts will aid the implementation of your strategy/goals, policy/governance, and business functions. Our experts will also help you develop strategic, business, operational and executional business processes. Our repository management and development service is also based on digiBlitz, though we also support other industry tools and solutions like Troux, Telelogic and IDS-Scheer.