Why partner with digiBlitz?

“If you do not seek out allies and helpers, then you will be isolated and weak.” – Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

“Those who establish adaptable formations will survive – even if they are small. While those who establish unadaptable formations shall perish – even if they are large. So it has been since the beginning of time.” – From The Ancient Book of the Huainan Masters

“The greatest change in corporate culture – and the way business is being conducted – may be the accelerated growth of relationships based… on partnership.” – Peter F. Drucker

digiBlitz alliance partnership helps you to “Provide better Engineering Solutions and Services to your customers via the state-of-the-art software platform that Integrates the business components with IOT. With the digiBlitz Platform at your disposal, you can bid the IOT and digital transformation projects with confidence and win because your successful delivery is guaranteed. With digiBLitz, customers can take an Engineering and architecture-centric approach to their business, digital, and Internet of Things problems & needs. We allow them to Leverage their existing business processes and IT and IOT assets to dramatically improve business productivity. We help them deeply integrate their business processes with the “gadgets”, “machines”, “sensors”, “Robots” and other “Internet of Things”.

We rapidly create competitive advantage by making their business processes and Robotic communications work harder for their company.

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We improve the bottom-Line results by integrating Business Components, IT Systems, Applications, and Information.

This is achieved through

  • Monitoring & management of existing Processes
  • Automating existing manual business activities
  • Converting functionally driven business components to process driven
  • Facilitating easy creation of new processes
Program Structure

As in any new program, a potential partner must weigh the level of commitment and investment, with the opportunity. The Program itself is divided into Three main categories, based on your business and distribution models. They are:

  • Consulting/Implementation Partners
  • Product Resellers
  • Solutions & Technology Partners

At digiBlitz, partnering is both a core strength and strategic imperative. We believe that our customers must be able to leverage existing investments and relationships in order to build new ones. To do this, partners must begin to capitalize opportunities to expand their presence in the customer’s environment. And also, should differentiate their value proposition in a new perspective so that they help customers through value added products & solutions.


For Your Company

The Channel Partner Program Leverages your industry or technology domain expertise combined with digital Transformation and Internet of things markets, which is estimated to be more than 60 trillion dollars as per GE’s recent finding. This produces higher margin repeat business by expanding your foothold across the industry.

For Your Customers

digiBLitz’s Channel Partner Program is a ready-made source of proven technology combined with strategic IP from partners that Lets customers automate business activities, Integrate and manage IOT components, improve processes and integrate them with IOT Assets, and get real-time business intelligence faster and accurate

Apply For Partnership

This section outlines the myriad of benefits that you can receive based on the level of partnership. The benefits are organized into areas relevant to the traditional sales and marketing value chain. By focusing on the value chain associated with driving and enhancing business, digiBlitz is able to more tightly integrate value into a Partner’s go-to-market strategy.

Benefits Basic Advantage
Training Silver Gold Platinum
Sales Training Included Included Included
Solution Sales Training Included Included Included
Technical Pre Sales Training Additional Price Included Included
Sales Tool Kit Included Included Included
Partners Web seminars Included Included Included
Marketing Collateral Included Included Included
DigiBlitz Logo Use Included Included Included
Public Relations Additional Price Additional Price Included
Listing on Digiblitz Website Additional Price Included Included
Co Op Program Included Included Included
Workshop Participation Included Included Included
Joint solution Design Included Included Included
Joint Business Planning Included Included Included
Sales Tool Access Included Included Included
Compitetive Intelligence Included Included Included
Product Discount for Resale 20% 25% 30%
Training / Certification Programs Discount For Resale 20% 25% 30%
Commission On Strategic Consulting(Solely Done By Digiblitz Team) 5% On The Gross Sales 10% On The Gross Sales 15% On The Gross Sales
Commission On Solutions Development(Solely Done By Digiblitz Team) 3% On The Gross Sales 5% On The Gross Sales 7.5% On The Gross Sales
Product Development License for Internal use 1 2 5
No. Of End Customer Free Licence For DigiBlitz Platform 2 5
Partner and Account Management Additional Price Additional Price Included
Technical Support/Pre or Post Sale Included Included Included
Product Portal Knowledge Repository Additional Price Included Included

Program Requirements

For a successful relationship sales, there should be various levels of sales coordination, funding and metrics for measuring outcome. We have drafted the following requirements for the program.

Basic Advantage
Requirements Silver Gold Platinum
Annual Program Fee $2000/year $4000/year $8000/year
Consulting And Solutions Revenue Target $500,000 $1500,000 $5000,000
Resale Revenue Target $250,000 $1000,000 $1600,000
Joint Business Plan And Go-To-Market Strategy Required Required
Trained Solution Sales Resources 2 4 10
Trained Technical Sales Resources 2 5 10
Certification Completion Solution & Technical Sales Certification Architect Design Project Plan Solution & Technical Sales Certification Professional Services Authorized
Workshop Sponsorship Advertising Level Gold Level Platinum Level