We believe in winning through a Strongly Supplier relationship. We procure a wide range of products & services for our customer needs from worldwide suppliers at digiBlitz Marketplace.

Become a Supplier and Bid on Opportunities Worth Millions.

digiBlitz Marketplace Program brings in huge opportunities for vendors & suppliers world-wide to trade their products and services in "Internet Of Things", "Block Chain/Cryptocurrency" and "Robotic Process Automation" Market.Through the marketplace supplier program, you not only get opportunity to bid on digiBlitz Projects, but also many open market/closed projects brought in by digiBlitz clients. We are starting 2018 with a procurement opportunity worth $200,000 directly from registered vendors. We will be short-listing the contractors/vendors based on the qualification for the projects set forth by our procurement team. These contracts are of 2-3 years long ranging from digital Marketing. The contracts are offered an Crowd Sourcing basis with the integration with Block chain thereby avoiding the problem of escrow and unreliable contracts. The system provides ethereum based smart Contract thereby you can exchange the digital currencies in addition to the regular currencies.

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