digiBlitz had created a strategic Go-To-Market-Together Solutions partnership with STMicroelectronics. Through this association, digiBlitz now is leveraging the experience, expertise and huge line-of products of ST in the IOT to provide a best-in-class hardware/edge solutions to our customers.

STMicroelectronics Ecosystem and digiBlitz Ecosystem convergence & Alignment

digiBlitz IOT Cloud for Industry 4.0

 digiBlitz IOT Application Solution called klugWerks powers smartFactory / Industry 4.0. The solution stack is packed with many applications and components for smart manufacturing including;

  • Predictive Analysis & Maintenance
  • Machine AssetsLifeCycle Management
  • Finished Products LifeCycle & Health Tracking & Management
  • digital Twin Management
  • Automated ERP
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Quality & Compliance Management including GMP
  • Marketing2Manufacturing
  • Operational Process Management¬†

ST - digiBlitz Co-Solutions Use-Case in Action ( Test-Bed ):


Vibration Analysis with digiBlitz smartFactory

STM32 modular sensors node for vibration analysis connected with digiblitz iot platform.