Zero Equity, No Fee Startup Acceleration Program

StartBlitz is a StartUp hybrid Ecosystem program that combines Incubation and Acceleration into one. It is committed to the success of young Entrepreneurs and the growth of small business owners in the current complex business ecosystem dominated by giants.  A recent study shows that only 4% of start-ups are funded by VCs and Angels. That leaves 96% of the companies fund themselves. While many of this company fails due to lack of capital, that alone is not the reason. As a matter of fact, the other factors that influence the success of the companies are Poor Decisions, Lack of Guidance, Wrong Investment, Bad Team, Lack of the CXO team, Lack of Technology backbone, Lack of Product / Platform Strategies, Weak Marketing, etc. Through the startBlitz Program, we help these startUps to achieve their goals quickly and effectively by laying the proper stage under the digiBlitz Platform for funding and growth. The program takes in a limited number of startups twice every year - January & July. The program has two Phases:

Incubation Phase: 2 Months

Duration of the Incubation Phase 1 is three months during which all shortlisted startup teams(at least 1 member per team) should relocate and spend time onsite(to a City of Choice)  working for at least 20 hours a week each and others remotely. The team will work on POC,  POV, Use Case, Attend Training, Participate in group collaboration efforts, attend coaching sessions, etc. Every team will be provided with the certification of participation and the top 3 companies per location shall be offered to enter the Acceleration phase.

Acceleration Phase: 4 Months 

During the Acceleration Phase, at least one company from each city shall be offered seed money of $25,000 in exchange for 5% equity. There must be at least 2 people working onsite(at this stage, they shall choose to change their StartBlitz city). The other two companies shall be offered to join the acceleration program as well with no seed funding but a 2% equity share. There shall be at least 1 person onsite working for 20 hours a week with the rest of the team working remotely.


North America

Washington DC, USA.


Budapest, Hungary

South America

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Chennai, India

Now Accepting Applications for the July 2020 batch.


Zero equity Program(no need to share your equity to Participate).

​Opportunity to Win $25,000 in Seed in exchange for 5% equity.

​Free Strategic Advisors & Mentors.

Free Chief Architect.

Entrepreneurship Coaching

Free Workshop on AI, IOT & Blockchain.

Free License to digiBlitz karma Capsule Platform

Go to Market help.

Monetization Strategy Help

Guidance & help in raising further Capital

Co-funded Marketing Campaigns.

Actively Promote to Angels & Venture Capitals

Last Date of Application is 15th April for July Batch and November 15th for the January Batch.

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“Those who establish adaptable formations will survive – even if they are small. While those who establish unadaptable formations shall perish – even if they are large. So it has been since the beginning of time.”
– From The Ancient Book of the Huainan Masters

Our Incubation Program


Program Steps

  1. Apply for the Program.
  2. Qualification Process Begins.
  3. Invited to Pitch to enter the program.
  4. Results Declared & Formal Invitation to the Incubation program Phase.
  5. Provided with customers POC-Use cases, Challenges.
  6. Get trained and mentored on technology, Business & Leadership.
  7. Complete the Incubation.
  8. Selected companies for Acceleration are Invited(top3), out of which 1 will be provided with $25000 un exchange for 5% equity. Other two companies shall be provided with 2% equity with no seed.
  9. Sign the Agreement & Pledge the % ownership to digiBlitz.
  10. Top one Get Funded $25,000 from digiBlitz.
  11. Allocate the resources and Start the program..
  12. Attend Training, Workshops and Collaboration forums.
  13. Work on MVPs & PILOTS.
  14. Pitch to Angels / PEs for investment.
  15. Pledge the  minimum10% ownership to Angel/PE investor.
  16. Get Funded.
  17. Complete the PILOT/MVPs.
  18. Demonstrate to Potential Customers & Partners.
  19. Acquire Potential customers & Partners.
  20. Start pitching for Stage A funding.
  21. Get the Series A funding.
  • Must have a Business Plan
  • Each one of the major shareholders/founders should put atleast 10 hours a week on the business activities individually.
  • Must have a Solid POC in Place for the specialized IOT & Blockchain solution.
  • The business should run on digiBlitz IOT Platform and there should be minimum technical resources allocated.
  • Should be willing to sell an equity stock option of minimum 10%. The actual % of share will be proposed by digiblitz on case to case basis based on the assessment. digiBlitz will pay the same price per share paid by the founders.
  • Should provide a Proof of $10000 seed money in the Bank.

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