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Our Programs

Startup Incubation

Are you a start-up with a unique Idea in IOT market? We can help you achieve your goals through our Incubator program.

IOT & BlockChain Test beds

We are currently looking for individuals and organizations to join onboard to support us to create test beds

Solutions Partner

digiBlitz helps businesses thrive in the digital world by helping them transform, adapt, and capitalize on the “Internet of Things” assets

Captive Center Partnership

digiBlitz can join hands with you to build center of excellence and delivery ecosystem for your IOT practice through a Captive Center Model.

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“Your adoption and capitalization of “Internet of things” & "Blockchain" is based on your sustainable transformation. A sustainable transformation is possible only if you run your initiatives on a orchestrated LifeCycle between business components, IT components and IOT components.”

- Suresh Kannan, Founder & Chief Architect, digiBlitz

digiBlitz helps businesses thrive in the digital world by helping them transform, adapt, and capitalize on the “Internet of Things” assets.

Industry Horizontals

  • Enterprise digital Twin Development
  • Business digital Transformation
  • IOT Edge & Fog Computing
  • IOT Planning & Implementation
  • Integration of Industrial IOT Components
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Robotic Process Automation

Industry Verticals

  • Smart Healthcare
  • Smart Factory
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Agrticulture

digiBlitz Innovation LAb

digiBlitz is currently working with the Industrial Internet Consortium, to create test beds. As a member of the IIC, digiBlitz is able to have a voice in and help build the future of the industry.

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digiBlitz is a Software Platform used to solve problems and provide solutions for our clients in the Digital Transformation and Internet of Things Market.

Our mission

digiBlitz’s mission is to help its clients maintain agility, balance and growth during their digital transformation & IOT adoption ...

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