digiBlitz klugWerks reduces your complexities in dealing with Production Management, Process accomplishments and compliance to various global practices. It has state-of-the-art Processes, Production Management Methodologies and Compliance frameworks to raise the bar of excellence of our practice.

klugWerks helps your organization in Business Automation using BPM & SOA technologies. It is powered by ELMT (Enterprise Landscape Management Transformation) platform which helps you to successfully implement your Business-Technology Landscape transformation projects. The solution is specifically tailor made for the manufacturing industry.

Automated Work Flow & Communication:
  • Fully Automated Work Flow through
    our state-of-the-art BPM & SOA technologies.
  • EA Framework & Life Cycle enforcement.
  • Governance Life Cycle driven by Central Repository System.
  • Modeler to create custom business process.
  • Executive Dashboard.
  • Enterprise-wide Business Intelligence from Single Web Interface.
  • Integrate & Orchestrate existing applications to achieve business goal.
  • Meta-Process/Data level Integration.
Process Automation:
  • Chemistry Validation/Mapping Process.
  • Order Processing & Management Process.
  • Sales order to Manufacturing Order Mapping.
  • Quality Assurance Process.
  • Chemistry Decision Support Check.
  • Manufacturing Flow Management.
  • Supplier Relationship Management.
  • Performance Management/KPI process.
  • Warehousing Management
  • Product Marketing/Commercialization Process.
  • Procurement Process.
  • Engineering Change Orders.
  • Improve operational excellence through Plant Operation Business Processes
Operational Process Management:
  • BPM Modelling of processes
  • SLA & SLO Enforcement / Governance Processes.
  • Assets / Artifacts Governance Process.
  • ERP Integration and CRM Integration
  • Life Cycle Enforcement of your operational processes across many Business units
  • Align with your EA practices within the BU or the entire organization
  • Align IT assets through BPM/SOA orchestration engine
  • Get reports at Executive, Business and Operational levels by switching to different view points
  • Transform your business through TOGAF based Business Architecture Life Cycle