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For anyone to understand Internet of Things in the right perspective, the first move is to accept that it is already present in all corners of our lives (in phones, tabloids, televisions, fridges, bulbs, appliances, etc.). Once we accept this, then the second stride ensures that there is no alternative to it: its concepts will be implemented on a broader level in all sorts of industries globally.

Rational perspective

Let’s have a peep in the idea of the Internet of Things from a logical viewpoint. We all know that the sensors are not only already present on all devices around us, but also have the capability to hold functional information about the devices they attach with. Now just by adding a component of logic-processing and a platform to communicate we make these things come alive on the web of internet.Exactly how it is stated in the concept of the Internet of things that “the Internet of Things (IoT) is the inter-networking of devices (machines, software, electronics and electrical equipment, buildings, etc.) embedded with sensors which enable these devices to communicate by exchanging data.”

Since sensors act and behave, the industries frown:

  • Are the proponents advocating proactive and autonomous nature of these sensors?  If yes, to what extent and degree?
  • The internet is ubiquitous so will be these sensors soon. Communication of devices is the fundamental reasoning for an Internet of Things to bag its place in the market. The writer understands that communication will hit an open space (bridging protocols will be required at some point) from one geographical location to another unless it is only logical (yes or no with data) communication which will be placed.
  • There will be different caste, creed, and colors of sensors with all sorts of computational capabilities which mean that the sensors with lower functionalities will be more vulnerable to external threats and hence will be marginalized in the overall concept of the Internet of Things. This idea proposes a thought typically that the companies having lower financial turnovers might have to either increase their budgets in investing in this concept or just stay wholly dependent on the industry giants for their shares. 

For us, the incredibly intimidating point is that this theory proposes a complete change in the way the industries are conducting their businesses at present. Initially, with its applications, we will experience sweet little smooth transitions around the yard, but we all understand that this deceptive calm which will be holding a massive volcano of investments which will erupt like a giant river once the race to the IOT Summit begins.

Why answers from us?

DigiBlitz is a core technology firm that specializes in digital architecture planning, robotic business process management, and robotic service-oriented architecture solutions. It has always been proactive in gauging and understanding the impact promised by future technologies and concepts. Similarly, as soon as the first sound of IOT beagle was heard, DigiBlitz knew it’s an idea of change. It will demand installation, embedding, and disruption of technologies throughout industries. Consequently, DigiBlitz readied its Armageddon with research enthusiasts, technocrats, knowledge, tools, and above all a vision to develop an IoT platform which is now addressing the business transformation and integration problems of its customers efficiently. The clients of DigiBlitz are not stressing about this radical change; rather they are enthusiastically participating in harnessing its benefits.

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