IOT LifeCycle Management

digiBlitz IOT Platform comes with the Full-LifeCycle Management capability. What does it mean? Basically, IOT and digital transformation planning is not a straight line process. It is highly complex and composite process that comprises of many engines and gears working with each other like the clock. digiBlitz IOT Platform is developed keeping in mind,

  • Develop and Operate at the same time – DevOp
  • Enterprise Architecture Life Cycle
  • Services Oriented Architecture LifeCycle
  • Business Process Management Lifecycle
  • Applications Components Lifecycle
  • Cloud Data Analytics and Integration Lifecycle
  • Machine State LifeCycle
  • Machine Data Lifecycle

all working together in tandem to bring in a successful implementation of the digital transformation and IOT for thousands of cycles of iteration of automated models based on events and scenarios. This is the reason digiBlitz IOT Platform could bring in the quick and scalable monetization to the implementors without making them wait for the later stage maturity.