IOT Fog/Edge Computing

One of the major concerns of the IOT industry is how to make the real-time machine world respond and integrate with the large-scale enterprise world. While the machine world works at micro and nanoseconds, the enterprise world works at minutes and hours of computing. In many cases, enterprise processes take many days and weeks to accomplish a result. Fog computing is the key to the answer for many scenarios and situations where the cloud IOT fails. digiBlitz understands the importance of the layer of Fog computing and its role in interfacing the machine world with the Enterprise computing world. The Fog layer of digiBlitz IOT platform is built over a state-machine thereby reducing the burden of lifecycle management. The Fog layer connects the machine constructs with the Finite State Machine and helps in the historic, predictive and conformation analysis of data and the state of the machine. This provides invaluable information for monetization to the business world where the traditional cloud only IOT platforms fail to deliver the result.