IOT Cloud Computing

digiBitz Platform integrates fully with industry standard cloud application platforms like AWS, Azure etc. digiBlitz IOT Platform itself is offered as both cloud SAAS licensing model as well as Enterprise Licensing models. Either way, digiBlitz IOT platform brings in the full lifecycle enterprise applications integrated with the IOT edge components. One of the core benefit implementing IOT initiatives on digiBlitz Platform is the Monetization. While most of the industry IOT Platforms focus on Cloud computing and application integration, digiBlitz IOT platform works on multi-tier model architecture that brings in the Full Life Cycle Implementation and Management of the services, processes & machines.  The industry is wrongly pushing for machines connected via the cloud as the IOT. IOT cannot be successful without EOT completing the job vice-versa. Cloud connectivity shall help in EOT on non-real time and data analysis environment for the historical data. But for the real-time and near real-time analysis and communication a larger perspective is required. With digiBlitz IOT platform in place, the customer shall not only connect and get data but also make it available on real-time and make the complete Enterprise architecture planning and integration of Data, Functions, and Processes thereby businesses can Monetize well.