University management system powered by digiBlitz ELMT

Transform your university’s ad-hoc day-day functions into a streamlined & effective automated business processes through digiBlitz smartLehren

smartLehren helps your university in Business Automation using BPM & SOA technologies. It is powered by ELMT platform which helps you to successfully implement your Business-Technology Landscape transformation projects. The solution is specifically tailor made for Education industry.

Smart Features

Enrollment & course management

The ad hock process of managing the student enrollment, linking them with the training fee and lively tracking the course’s performance are executed with a click of your mouse button.

Online Training delivery & Management

Top tools facilitating online program delivery has been deputed to serve you better on all methodologies and platforms. With access live feeds, custom metrics and charts, it makes you organize the delivery process much better.

Online Evaluation and Certification

Provides you a secured platform to host Examinations and is handy to evaluate and derive the metrics. It bears special provisions for courses that demand higher credibility in the conduct and evaluation procedures.

Staff & Resource management

You could be lest concerned about improper or underutilization of the resources. Intellectual property, Study Materials, Staffs, Infrastructure, Accounts, Finance, and all most everything that you need to run your business is managed in just one interface.

Operational Process Management

  • BPM Modelling of processes
  • Governance Enforcement
  • Students Portfolio Management
  • ERP Integration and CRM Integration
  • Lifecycle Enforcement of your operational processes across many Business units
  • Align with your EA practices within the BU or the entire organization
  • Align IT assets through BPM/SOA orchestration engine
  • Get reports at Executive, Business and Operational levels by switching to different view points
  • Transform your business through TOGAF based Business Architecture lifecycle

E-Learning Platform

  • Online learning platform
  • Social Media Integration
  • Student Portfolio Management
  • University Resource/Asset management
  • Task submission and Scoring
  • Enrolment Management
  • Test/Exam delivery Management
  • E-Learning Materials publishing
  • Library and materials management using BPM
  • Inventory Management

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