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As the technologies progressed in the area of hardware and software over the years, it comfortably made its way in the real estate industry as well without being much loud though. The technological advancements in the real estate sector were primarily seen as its integral part which otherwise was contributing simultaneously to the concepts of IOT also. For example, sensor based controls like smart bulbs, temperature controlling devices are in the market for a long time, and they hold brilliant grounds in shaping up the IOT concepts. Understanding from this perspective it appears that if IOT hits the revolutionary transformation button, the real estate sector will lay a red carpet for it.

Hypothetical use case for an IOT enabled real estate building

IOT refers to a network of interconnected devices that collect, monitor and exchange data with the help of actuators & software and allows us to control and manipulate that data to improve our lives. For a real estate scenario, it is a general understanding that buildings have units, gyms, swimming pools, shops, common areas, car parks, device rooms, meter rooms, etc. Let us imagine a keyless IOT enabled system in a building. A use case is where a resident leaves the building for an undefined period.  Now as for the IOT enabled system, as soon as the resident leaves the building, the system will notify all the IOT interconnected areas of the building. It will lock all the rooms and other areas of the resident rapidly something akin to center locking system in our vehicles, which as a result would control any unauthorized access and enhance security parameters. Alongside, the meter-room will initiate commands (switch off or lower intensity) to the electrical appliances (bulbs, temperature controllers, kitchen appliances, etc.) of the unit to optimize the electricity consumption. Further, the sensors in the room will continuously monitor the air temperature, smoke levels, or water clogging and will promptly notify the fire and water alarm systems to avert any tragedy. On the common area fronts like washing and drying area, the machines will communicate to the residents and schedule their availability or send them alerts when their jobs are finished. Depending on the legal systems of the land, the tenancies control & management systems would get a lot smoother with a keyless controlled entry for the reported defaulters.  For the commercial aspects of the building the last minute, quick offers can be thrown by the businesses (gym, shops, entertainment center, etc.) in the building or around knowing how many people are present in the unit. All these recorded activities can be shown to the residents in their dashboards in the shape of analytical data & graphs representing how much money the building systems saved for them while they were out.

DigiBlitz progress in the sector of real estate IOT

Like any other business deploying IOT, real estate will also need an IOT platform. The IOT platform along with executing other aspects of the real estate processes, generally known as ERP systems, captures the data communicated by the sensors and manipulates it to convert into relevant actions. DigiBlitz, a core technology enterprise, anticipated the need for an IOT platform in the initial stages of evolution of IOT concepts and aligned itself early in developing it. Over the years of development, digiBlitz has provided its clients a state of the art IOT platform for their business Transformations. On top of this platform, the real estate companies can not only program their ERP processes but also install an efficient IOT enabled infrastructure. Request Demo


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