digiBlitz platform provides technology to create the Internet of “Values” out of Spatial-Temporal elements and provide toolsets to make these values available to the consumers and businesses as “Monetizable AI digital Assets” on a vehicle called “Karma Capsule”. These digital Assets shall represent a combination of Data + AI Code + State from any device or Robot or a Machine or entity.

digiBlitz platform enables the rapid, confidential, and secure creation and transfer of digital AI assets between participants in both Narrow Band, broadband providing a solution to the inherent problem of delayed transaction finality and Time-Space and State variances on a traditional business network.

digiBlitz platform shall provide the ability to connect to spatial edge sources( devices & machines), create karmaCapsule in a neural tree structure. Each node in the network is called a “Capsule” that encapsulating the secured data with immutable Code( Artificial Intelligence) that can act in many Time-Space variances. It shall source the intelligence from the past, enforced upon the present and projected to the future thereby acting as a spatial-temporal state machine. The “state” scenarios of values and node creation and traversing uses Huffman’s coding which is based on the Bayesian evolutionary algorithm for neural trees for time and value prediction.

digital transformation is driven by economic enhancers like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Advanced Analytics. digital Liquid Assets are quickly replacing Data as the new Gold for the enterprise, small businesses and consumers worldwide. But most of the customers are stuck with the Systems and applications that are centralized around data. digiBlitz provides technology for customers from various industry verticals to create digital assets out of their physical assets like real estate, oil, electricity, vehicles, movie, etc and make them easily tradable in simple parts & multiple packages.

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Business digital Transformation Planning is the most critical and inevitable initiative every organization should perform to keep themselves a float and race ahead of the competition in the “Internet Of Things” world. There are four important aspect of digiBlitz platform that will help you successfuly implement the digital Transformation & IOT planning for your organizations .


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