Precision farming is the fastest growing innovation that helps farmers monetizing their efforts much effectively reducing the wastage, maximizing the profit through quality products. digiBlitz Platform shall collect real-time sensing information water stress, nutrient deficiencies, crop diseases etc in its Value network and make it available for them and their merchandisers capitalize. DigiBlitz edge Sensor-based devices measure the activity of crops, plants, animals and other farm materials leveraging its deep learning algorithms can detect various behaviors. These behaviors cannot be captured randomly to generate value as mostly we end up getting data that needs further qualification process. digiBlitz, on the other hand, collects this information as a continuum and make discrete & connected value elements.

Food Forwarding: digiBlitz Blockchain network is an innovative business model that helps in moving the agricultural and non-agri-food products from the rural areas to the urban and other rural areas. By developing newer business supply chain models enabled by Blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence on digiBlitz Platform, farmers, corporates and traders shall disrupt the industry to the benefit of the industry and humanity at large.

Case Study: Africa

While there are many governmental, private-public and non-profit initiatives in agricultural development in Africa, still there are many challenges that hurdle the development, especially in moving the agriculture towards the market-based trading system. The agro-inputs play a major role in the desired output which in turn contributes to the bridging of the rural and urban economic divide.

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