digiBlitz Platform

digiBlitz  provides customers with a digital Assets Monetization Platform on a unique Blockchain network called “Karma Capsule Network”. While it is true that Internet of Things is the inevitable force behind the digital era, few clients currently understand the complexity associated with IOT and Blockchain ecosystem. The industry is wrongly pushing for things connected via the cloud as the solution for monetization. But for the real-time and near real-time analysis and communication a larger perspective is required. The digiBlitz platform will bring in a complete strategic approach that will help in Lifecycle management of both physical and logical assets by combining data with artificial intelligence and state thereby helping in successful MONETIZATION of IOT initiatives. The digiBlitz Blockchain platform is based on Karma Capsule Network that encapsulates these values and helps the organizations to monetize them through the lifeCycle. While digiBlitz supports the open source community of Karma Capsule Network, it brings in additional larger enterprise scale components as part of its enterprise platform Suite.

This One-Suite Platform can successfully execute a full Life-Cycle of Blockchain based digital asset management and transformation Projects . digiBlitz is the right tool to facilitate organizations in vast IOT and Blockchain Initiatives, Implementing digital transformation, Process Automation, Business Restructuring, Seamless Execution of Carving-In and Carving-Out Conundrum, and Significant Strategic Mergers, Acquisitions, and Greenfield Projects.  Our enterprise digital Twin compoments through process management and blockchain brings in fantastic opportunity to transform the organzation abd avoid getting distrupted. digiBlitz eliminates the major killer of a any organization, the Complex, tightly configured business processes. We transform the organizational & Engineering processes to achieve future state desirable model and help in Monetize the assets while current projects run safer.

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digital Transformation demands various forms and types of engagement to accomplish the desired results in capturing values and monetize the data. With the Traditional Information Technology Approach, it is a tough job, as the practice is to simply develop New Application Components on naked data as platform with Zero asset values captured. However, Business Transformation and assets management need more than IT components or data. It is digiBlitz that systematically engages in the process of successfully accomplishing Business Transformation and digital Assets Management by aligning the virtual world with the real world.

digiBlitz Enterprise Suite provides components for such engagements such as:

  • Gateway / Membership
  • karmaCapsule Process Hub
  • digital Asset LifeCycle Manager
  • karmaCapsule Trading Hub
  • karmaCapsule App
  • karmaCapsule Consensus
  • karmaCapsule State Machine
  • Fog Bunker
  • Edge/Fog Computing Environment.

Industry FACADE Frameworks (IFF):

  • distributed Energy Trading & Fraud management
  • capital Market – Fractional, digital Asset Trade.
  • smart & Precision Farming
  • Smart City Command & Control
  • Transportation Track & Trace
  • Smart Manufacturing – Machine Learning, Vibration Analysis
  • Smart Associations – Automnous Consortiums
  • Smart Mobility 
  • Smart Universities

Pilot Run Your Business Assets  for FREE!