Venturing into EA market and becoming a E-SOA Leader.

In 2008, digiBlitz started focusing on Enterprise Architecture Planning inspired by John Zachman, Scott Bernard and Dr. Pallab Sahas’s work in the segment. While EA was still practiced as a Document process by most of the organizations,  digiBlitz team took it to the next level to create a product that makes the “True Living Enterprise” driven by Repository and governance processes.  The result was the development of a Middleware layer for the EID platform called ETE – Enterprise Transformation Engine. The ETE combined the power of EA and SOA to create a new powerful component called E-SOA. With this experience in developing full life Cycle product on EA, digiBlitz team was hired by US Steel for developing an EA/SOA program to bridge the gap between their Business Service, ERP, and MES. This was the major foundation for digiBlitz to later get deeper into the innovation combining the business informatics and computer informatics.

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