Started becoming Lean to Innovate – New Line of Products Launched!

The year 2013 was the toughest time for digiBlitz as it had decided to do something most of the businesses will never do. Suresh Kannan, the founder felt that digiBlitz is stuck in the rat race of doing it all solutions market but getting nowhere as a leader. So, he decided to let go the services and consulting market and focus more on products and solutions market. digiBlitz stopped servicing the customers for consulting; rather it raised some debt capital and re-investment from the founder. With the newly raised small capital, digiBlitz started building new lines of products. guildKraft – for nonprofit, smart-Lehren – For education, klugWerks for manufacturing, menschforce for the staffing-consulting space. These products were all powered by the newly created platform called ELMT – “Enterprise Landscape Management and Transformation” engine by combining the existing EID and ETE along with few newer components into one large powerful platform.

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