University Certification Program
  • digiBlitz University Certification program has been established to attest that: The qualified individuals have the appropriate skills for a successful implementation and roll-out of digiBlitz products.
  • Our current program allows users to sign up for the training and obtain a Master Class Certification upon completing the entire training program without taking the assessment.
  • Users also have the flexibility to get certified for the entire program including the assessments up to 2 years from the time of enrollment at no extra cost.
  • Based on your interest, role or career path, you can register for any of our exams and become a part of our growing Developer & Business Community.
Our Training in Sync with your Career Path
  • At digiBlitz University, we have developed our training curriculum based on your job needs, roles and responsibilities.
  • Our Role Based Training makes it easy for you to select courses in a jiffy.
  • Refer to the Certification Path to choose the course that best suits your role.

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digiBlitz Certification Path