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digiBlitz Academy Certification Program

digiBlitz Academy certification training programs are offered in both Classrooms as well as online models. Live Online enables you to experience the same face-to-face quality training in the comfort of your own space and time. Two hours a day sessions of theory and practice ensure enough time to learn, comprehend and articulate the concepts before the next day session. All you need is high-speed internet and a phone connection to start your learning! Certificate of Completion is provided for every course that you undertake.

digiBlitz Certified digital Asset Professional (Course ID: CDAP) – 2 Weeks (10 hours a Week)  – Art, Math & Science of digital Assets Creation

Design, Develop, Implement and Monetize digital Assets on Karma Capsule Network.

This Four Week workshop training will focus on preparing attendees as a Creator of digital Assets in the digiBlitz Karma Capsule Network Blockchain platform. While Blockchain & IOT market is pegged at $20T and above by 2023 spendings are mooted across the industry as the Blockchain bandwagon is something seen an not to be missed opportunity. While it is true that Blockchain is inevitable, only a few clients currently understand the complexity associated with Blockchain as the Internet of BusinessValues. digiBlitz’s core Karma Capsule Network is a unique Blockchain that focuses on creation and Management of “Internet of Assets”. CDAP play a significant role in making companies understand the need for a holistic approach, not just bitcoin or ethereum world, but much more comprehensive digital Asset Trading solutions. CDAP will bring in a complete strategic plan that will help in Lifecycle management of both physical and logical digital assets under Blockchain thereby helping in successful MONETIZATION digital Assets initiatives. Utilize or Recommend strategies for developing the necessary skills and foundational capabilities to support the implementation of Blockchain driven digital transformation within an organization. CDAP is Part of a series of training on digital Assets from Creation, Management to Trade. The student will learn to program through C, C++, Python tools. Will learn to work on Industry standard IOT gateway programming boards like Arduino, Rasberry pi, ST through controllers and Industry standards sensors. The professional will also learn how to create digiBlitz Karma Capsule Network blockchain by capturing the values from these gateway data. Additionally, the student will learn the Cloud Integration through MQTT and the local networks like Lora Net, Bluetooth etc. digiBlitz partnership with ST Microelectronics, world’s leading semiconductor company shall bring in every aspect of IoT components practically possible to the doorsteps to students from our world-class physical+virtual lab and test-bed setup.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to go beyond just Data & Connectivity to truly
  • Monetize the Assets to generate Value.
  • Clear the myths of digital Assets and start Monetizing.
  • Learn the Art, Science and Math of digital Asset Creation.
  • One can learn how to convert a Non-Performing-Asset into a tradable digital Asset through Blockchain & IOT.
  • How to Achieve True digital Transformation in the organization by “Enterprise digital Twin” creation as a parallel autonomous organization to deal with the real-time assets Monetization.
  • How to transform your organization’s traditional Supply chain & Contracts Management into a Blockchain, AI & Smart Contracts driven business model for Monetization.

digiBlitz Certified digital Asset Trader (Course ID: CDAT) – 2 Weeks (10 hours a Week)  – Create, Encapsule and Trade digital Assets on Karma Capsule Network.

This 20 hours workshop training will focus on preparing attendees as a Trader of digital Assets in general and also specific to the digiBlitz Karma Capsule Network Blockchain platform. digital Assets are transforming the world the way we have seen them in our lifetime. digital transformation is happening across every industry vertical and horizontal pushing the systems and assets across the market to adapt to the digital age assets monetization. The traditional Cyber-Physical asset’s tradability will purely depend on how its digital twin, the digital Asset get traded in the market. While the traditional cyber-physical assets are easy to create, manage, account and regulate for trading, digital Assets are a newer breed of assets that heavily Technology dependent driven by Blockchain, AI, Analytics etc. While the creation of digital Assets is match and Science, the trading of digital Assets mostly a new breed of Art with a mix of Science & Math. The CDAT Master program is to help individuals to learn and graduate the Art of trading digital Assets across the world in many networks and hubs. CDAT specifically focus on the encapsulation of values and tradability through smart Contracts and consensus algorithms.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to go beyond just Data to truly Monetize the digital Assets to generate revenue through Trading.
  • Clear the myths of digital Assets and start Monetizing.
  • Learn the Principles & Strategies of Pricing of digital Asset.
  • Learn how to convert a Non-Performing-Asset into a tradable digital Asset.
  • How to create and trade multiple investment vehicles using Karma Capsule Trading Principles and Platform.
  • How to be handle trading across multiple hubs by moving the digital Assets.
  • How to get an effective Settlement.
  • Secret recipes to Successful digital Asset Trading.


Certified digiBlitz Blockchain Professional (Course ID: CBCP) – 4 Weeks (10 hours a week)

This Four Week workshop training will focus on preparing attendees as a Blockchain Developer and/or architect. For the past few years Blockchain had transformed itself from mere a Buzzword for selling Crypto currencies to truly innovative technology for transforming enterprise to the digital world. The blockchain is a real innovation that is changing not just the enterprises but also governments across the globe leading the Industrial Revolution 4.0 from the front. digiBlitz’s Karma Capsule Network is anunique Blockchain that focus on creation and Management of “Internet of Assets”. CBCP play a significant role in making companies understand the need for a holistic approach, not just bitcoin or ethereum world, but much more comprehensive Blockchain solutions. Blockchain is not a Choice for a business; it is the MUST for an Enterprise because it is the foundational business network protocol change on which the enterprise components were built and running. Blockchain and the new generation distributed systems comes with a lot of “HOPE” for the enterprises not only to survive but grow multi-fold. So, the real fear the enterprises should have is fear of losing market share without embracing distributed computing and distributed ledger technologies driven by Autonomous consensus, Artificial Intelligence & Smart contracts. A secret that most of the Enterprise leaders don’t know if you can implement each one of these technologies in your ecosystem independently, yes, you don’t need distributed Ledger(the blockchain core) to implement consensus or smart contracts. Under this program, CBCPs will be trained to analyze the customer current state ecosystem, create a transformational architecture, design distributed and cloud components to implement the best of the breed Blockchain solution. From capital markets, transportation, Manufacturing, Mobility to Energy etc, CBCPs shall play a crucial role in the successful Implementation of Blockchain.

The program is designed to prepare you as a successful Blockchain professional in Analysis, architecture, design, development of components and applications that collectively makes the ecosystem sustainable. We start with basic sessions covering the fundamentals of blockchain explaining the various layers and components. As an analyst, one need to attend only the basic sessions. In the advanced sessions the students will learn to develop distributed P2P computing, blockchain network design & development, Merkel tree, Smart Contracts, Consensus algorithms, digital Assets development, artificial intelligence, Value oriented architecture development, containerization etc.

The students will learn how to effectively program on-chain using low-level P2P programming languages such as C, C++ near-chain using Java, C++, Solidity, Kotlin, Python etc and off-chain using Java-J2EE/.NET Microservices, Scala, Kubernites, Docker etc. The program will extensively cover the aspect of algorithm development and mathematical models enabling the student truly ready to implement any massive scale Blockchain development across the industries on both digiBlitz Platform and other tools.

The deep dive sessions are designed for Senior Developers, Architects and SMEs where we extensively cover various blueprint models, Industry frameworks and Blockchain platforms like Corda, HyperLedger, Enterprise Ethereum, digital Assets, digiBlitz Karma Capsule Network, Ripple etc.


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