“Developing a food forwarding system using digiBlitz IoT platform”

Agriculture is one of the most prominent sectors for many developed countries across the globe. Even though agricultural yield with fewer resources and substantial innovations have been evolved over the last couple of decades, the lack of transparency between the food processor (farmer) and the consumer along with many other factors ruin a successful method of food transition. Using IoT based tracking and monitoring of the food transit, a consumer can remotely access all the levels of any food process at any stage on a real-time basis. IoT technology also helps farmers to cultivate, process, harvest, and store crops and also providing them more yield than any conventional method of food processing. Furthermore, the use of drones for crop surveillance and other favorable applications such as optimizing crop yield is considered in this article.

● To create a more convincing agriculture system to provide more yield using fewer resources.
● Create a system to monitor field-to-plate food processing by developing transparency between growers and consumers.
● Making agriculture effective by reducing cost and lesser usage of resources.

Food Processing Block Diagram

IoT based smart farming enables farmers to manage all agricultural events remotely or even autonomous through deep learning core. Various sensor nodes, drones, that are incorporated with sensors are used to sense and control the actions in the field without any human requirement. The actions may include soil mapping and irrigation, moisture control, pest control, crop health monitoring, adding fertilizers, analyzing yield condition, and even predicting future threats or events.

Sensor Node
ST Microcontroller based sensor nodes along with MCU units help gather field data using various types of sensors and transfers the data to the nearby fog devices. The data then being further transferred to cloud-based storage and being processed to find solutions or to perform necessitating actions. The farmer will get real-time updates regarding all these processes. A typical sensor node structure is given below.

ST Microelectronics-based Sensor Node Components
● Sensors:
○ Environmental Sensor
○ Moisture Sensor
○ Temperature Sensor
○ Ph Sensor
○ BLE Sensor
● MCU: STM32F103C8
● Wifi Module
● Camera
● GSM Module
● GPS Tracking

Transport System
This system proposes a digiBlitz IoT Platform based transit system where
farmers can track and trace the real-time process of food and fertilizer that are in transit. This can also help consumers on tracking the complete cycle of food from the field to their own plate. The following is the transport system representation.

Food Storage/Warehouse Management
IoT also enables farmers to store and safeguard their food after harvesting in a controlled environment, where the food, as well as seeds, are stored and their data can be shared with farmers as well as the customers who buy from them. The following diagram explains the same.

AI-powered IoT platform enables real-time data sharing and processing in a more effective way. Using digiBlitz Karma Capsule Network, the data derived from the agriculture sources are being stored and processed to develop an effective as well as a controlled environment for food processing as discussed in the project.