Advisory Services

digiBlitz provides consulting services in the area of Lifecycle Management, Governance, and Business and Industry Architectures. These advisory services are in line with the TOGAF. We focus on each domains of enterprise namely Business, People, Technology and Information Systems. The knack of the Advisory approach is aimed at in-depth understanding of the Transformational process and adopting it. So the initial stage of the Advisory services is to train the key professionals of your organization about the importance of Enterprise Architecture and Frameworks. We also advice on the ways to improve the architectural capability and define the Roles and Responsibilities of Key architects of your organization. Later knowledge on Architectural frameworks will be imparted to them in the way of training and workshops.

This mode of execution aims at
  • Optimising Business – IT Alignment
  • Improved Efficiency in IT Operations
  • Effective planning & Execution
  • Transparency & Improved decision making process
digiBlitz’s advisory services focuses on the these solutions
  • Business Architecture Planning(dB-BAP)
  • Business Process modelling, Management & Planning(dB-BPM)
  • Service Oriented Architecture Development, Planning, Management & Implementation Methodologies and procedures(dB-SOA)