digiBlitz shall help Credit Unions and Community Banks in digital transformation by avoiding the disruption from other competitors and STARTUPs. digiBlitz will achieve it by architecting the customer business landscape under its state-art-the-art digital transformation software suite and running the entire internal and external process through process engineering and automation.

A complete Enterprise LifeCycle Management is orchestrated s governance of artifacts under the central repository system. Such artifacts can be processes, web services, components, digital equipment IOT components. Target State architecture is achieved through the coordinated transformation between Business Architecture LifeCycle, Process Life Cycle, Services LifeCycle, Components Life Cycle. 

digiblitz CAN HELP these institutions  by

providing the management with the tools necessary to measure the comprehensive health of the organization not just

FINANCIAL(health) strength of the company but also the

STRUCTURAL(Anatomy) and PROCESS(physiology) strength.

digiBlitz Platform makes it possible because of its Enterprise Architecture Life Cycle Approach. It makes theIT, IOT and business components(abstraction) work in harmony with each other under the Business Architecture Planning (driven by TOGAF/CUBE/GALAXY EA architecture frameworks). The blueprints are driven through the Service Oriented Architecture is driven through BPM 2.0 standard lifecycle on top of it.

The functional health of the organization is no more defined by historical data but the current process health driven by the predictive and confirmative big data analysis. digiBlitz platform combined the Power of AI, IOT, and Blockchain to make it happen for your credit union.

Small banks and Credit Unions challenge..

“Fintechs, Challenger banks, and tech companies are disrupting Banks and Credit Union through Innovation is driven by economic enhancers like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Advanced Analytics”

The Solution…

digital Transformation enabled by,

  • Internet of Things,
  • Advanced Analytics & Cognitive Computing through AI and Machine Learning.
  • Open API and Microservices management.
  • Community & Distributed Computing through Blockchain.
  • Security Architecture through cryptography, AI & distributed ledgers

is a significant tool for credit unions to avoid disruption and capture and grow a new generation economic expansion.

Value Propositions

  • Instead of facing disruption from transformation & innovation, Credit Unions can gain market share by utilizing digiBlitz digital transformation expertise. digiBlitz & CU collaboration can drive opportunities in the following areas:
  • Shared Economy Platforms: Transform businesses to drive value through shared economies, handling discrete insurances, micro finances,  micro digital payments, Micro Services Delivery.
  • Asset Trading – “Foreclosed or repossessed assets value depreciates the longer it takes to sell it”.
  • IoT & Blockchain Managed Services: Provide end-to-end support services to Edge Devices connectivity, Data Extraction, Value Encapsulation, Integration, assets creation, and Monetization.
  • Digital Liquid Asset Management: Strategy, Advisory & Operational support for trading platforms.
  • Enterprise Digital Twin: Transform the enterprise into digital components and systems.
  • Loan on-boarding & Servicing – Integrate & automate the Business Process in the indirect / Open Lending.
  • Open Banking through Open API Management on T-CU Operational model.
  • Mitigating Fraud, reduce membership friction & Cybersecurity through Walled-Fort Driven membership journey -AML and KYC trough consortium Blockchain.
  • digital Payments & quick Settlements via creating fungible liquid digital assets and the platform marketplace.

Value Cases:


The platform will improve their Ability to Understand, adapt, adapt and respond to situations created by modern systems and business ecosystems driven by Machines-Machine communications, AI, trust-less network, distributed systems, and shared economy.

The Challenge: While most of the registered leads/customers of the company can be a committed client, we cannot expect the same from the others. A good percentage of the clients/prospects switch positions frequently under the current social media influence. IOT components are going to influence these decisions a lot moving forward as they gain more and more intelligence. How a company can keep the client landscape in control?

Solution: digiBlitz platform uses predictive and confirmative analysis to track the latest stand of the customer and influence them back to the desired position through targeted content and news delivery. The platform archives this by analyzing the thousands of behavioral patterns and data sources across the social media/platform. On the other hand, it will continuously monitor and communicate in machine language to the IOT components and bring the behavioral pattern. It can command the robots to perform certain actions based on the behavioral pattern of the people to bring them back to the landscape or re-design the landscape.

“Fraud Detection & Monetization of Assets”

  • Property Repossessing & trading without losing value.
  • Business intelligence & predictive analytics for Marketplace Banking.
  • Dynamic & Intelligent rerouting of Data & Value to Enterprise Systems
  • Credit Risk & Internal Controls automated through AI & RPA.
  • New product Launch through Micro-services.

“Loan Processing & Servicing”

  • Intelligent Decisioning
  • Smart Loan Processing.
  • Fraud Control
  • Audit Trail
  • Provenance Of Records
  • Applications Integration.
  • Single View of Truth
  • Autonomous Governance.