Month: February 2017


University management system powered by digiBlitz ELMT

Transform your university’s ad-hoc day-day functions into a streamlined & effective automated business processes through digiBlitz smartLehren smartLehren helps your university in Business Automation using BPM & SOA technologies. It is powered by ELMT platform which helps you to successfully implement your Business-Technology Landscape transformation projects. The solution is specificallyRead More

What’s the new way in managing Associations? Meet the AMS powered by digiBlitz ELMT

Not just a CRM. It’s an AMS powered by CRM, ERP and BPM guildKraft reduces your complexities in dealing with membership management, events management and various internal operational process management. It has state-of-the-art Processes Associations Management System Private Social Media and Customer Relationship Management to raise the bar of excellenceRead More

Business Horizontal Process Frameworks of ELMT

digiBlitz ELMT platform provides the tools necessary to develop Business Architecture & Transformation planning components like FACADE, PROCESS, COMMUNICATIONS, DOMAIN and ENTITY. While most of the customer prefer to build these components from scratch, some may prefer to adopt to industry standard frameworks. Hence, we have developed best in classRead More

digiBlitz ELMT

Meet the state of the art Business Landscape Transformation Platform form digiBlitz: digiBlitz ELMT “digiBlitz ELMT (Enterprise Landscape Management & Transformation) Platform” digiBlitz ELMT is an all-in-one platform for Business Transformation Planning and Implementation. This one-suite platform could successfully execute the full lifecycle of business transformation projects and programs. digiBlitzRead More