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digiBlitz is a Business Technology Transformation Products, Solutions & Consulting company operating in North America, Europe & Asia. We help clients through providing solutions for their business technology transformation & integration needs. We serve various industry verticals like healthcare, life-science, pharma, financials, government, non-profits, leisure, manufacturing etc. Enterprise Integration & transformation challenges encompasses very structure of the organization itself. They need to be approached with a holistic understanding of Architecture, Processes, entities and services. digiBlitz Architecure planning, Business Process Management and Service Oriented Architecture solutions addresses the business transformation & integration problems of the customers. (Read More...)

What we do

digiBlitz provides solutions for Business Transformation Planning & Implementation through its signature platform: digiBlitz ELMT and set of product facades. We also help our clients through specialized and advisory services.

Business Technology Landscape Architecture

Business Technology Lanscape Architecture is the planning process of defining architectures for the use of information in support of the business, and the plan for implementing those architectures. In 1998, one of the earliest professional practitioners in the field of system architecture, Steven H. Spewak, defined 'Enterprise Architecture Planning' as "the process of defining architectures for the use of information in support of the business and the plan for implementing those architectures." Based on the Business Systems Planning (BSP) approach developed by John Zachman, EAP takes a data-centric approach to architecture planning to provide data quality, access to data, adaptability to changing requirements, data interoperability, data sharing, and cost containment. This view counters the more traditional view that applications should be defined before data needs are determined or provided for.

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Business Transformation Planning is the most critical and inevitable initiative every organization should perform to keep themselves a float and race ahead of the competition. There are four important aspect of digiBlitz products that will help you successfuly implement the Business Transformation Project.





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